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PNASF Meetings

Some of the PNASF meetings held are mentioned below:

Board of Trustees meeting was held on 24th October, 2006 at the PNASF, Bangalore. The progress was reviewed and the achievements noted. The meeting approved of the expansion of the activities and resource mobilization. The post of a Technical officer in the core staff was approved.

The Board of Trustees of the PNASF met and reviewed the progress of the activities undertaken and approved of the further plans at the office of the PNASF, Bangalore on June 2, 2008. The members present were Dr. Prem Nath (Bangalore), Dr. Bijoyendra Nath (USA) and Mrs. Shyamla Nath, (Mumbai). The following were the decisions made :

  • It was approved that the PNASF takes the lead in organizing the International Conference on Horticulture (ICH-2009) and also approved that the VEGINET joins as the partner. The seed money for this exercise was allocated.
  • A temporary post of a Conference Assistant was approved for the ICH-2009 Secretariat.
  • The meeting agreed with the nomination of Ms. Shilpa Yatnatti for the PNASF/Dharmsheela Nath Scholarship as recommended by the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore.
  • Periodical PNASF Gold Medal Award for outstanding scientists of the Indian Institute of Horticultural Research for the year 2008 was approved.


TAC of the PNASF met from 2010, 23-01-2010, 24-06-2010, 04-09-2010, 17-09-2010, 08-10-2010 and 11-12-2010to supported to publish the book Horticulture and Livelihood Security and also to release the book.

  • During the year 2009, TAC met several times to support the event International Conference on Horticulture (ICH-2009).
  • The Technical Advisory Council (TAC) of the PNASF met a number of times to support particularly the Organizing Committee of the ICH-2009 in order to plan and programme the activities of the conference. Since TAC gave birth to the idea and theme of the ICH- 2009, it continued its relentless support to the successful implementation and completion of the conference. The PNASF places on record the dedicated support, valuable contribution, and limitless time volunteered by Dr. O.P. Dutta, Dr. K.R.M. Swamy, Mr. P.B. Gaddagimath, Dr. B.S.Prabhakar and Mr. Vinod K. Huria. These members served as pivot in the management of the conference which is humbly acknowledged. The members of TAC from distance Dr. K.G. Ahuja (USA), Dr. R.K.N. Singh (Canada) and Dr. Sundari Velu (USA) supported the conference through electronic media and by their visits. Dr. Sundari Velu participated and supported the Scientific Programme Committee during the conference. The Member Trustee, PNASF, Ms. Shyamla Nath (Bombay) provided her inputs and support through out and made her presence and active participation in managing the Secretariat during the conference. Member Trustee, Dr. Bijoyendra Nath (USA) extended his support through electronic media.
  • During the Year 2008 and 2009, TAC Met on 12-02-2008, 08-03-2008, 03-05-2008, 21-05-2008, 21-06-2008, 18-07-2008, 11-10-2008 and TAC of the PNASF met a number of times to support particularly the Organizing Committee of the ICH-2009 in order to plan and programme the activities of the conference. Since TAC gave birth to the idea and theme of the ICH- 2009.
  • During the Year 2007; the TAC member met during 09-03-2007, 21-03-2007, 20-04-2007, 09-05-2007, 02-06-2007, 05-06-2007, 13-06-2007, 21-09-2007 and 06-11-2007 and supported the Field Project activities, published the book Vegetable Crops Improvement and Production.
  • During the year 2006 TAC members met several times; on 13-01-2006, 20-02-2006, 27-02-2006, 06-03-2006, 25-04-2006, 26-04-2006, 02-06-2006, 06-06-2006, 15-07-2006, 18-07-2006, 28-09-2006, 28-09-2006 and 09-12-2006. They met to support the Launching Project-PNASF/MHPS-2005. PNASF News, Book-Vegetable Crops Improvement and Production., ICV-2007.
  • During the month of July, August and September, 2006 the Chairman, PNASF held meetings with the Trustees Dr. Bijoyendra Nath, Minneapolis, USA and members of the Technical Advisory Council, Dr. Sundari Velu, California, USA and member Dr. R.K.N. Singh, Toronto, Canada visiting PNASF in Bangalore.
  • During the year 2005 on 25-02-2005, 28-10-2005, 21-11-2005, 21-11-2005 and 28-12-2005 The Technical Advisory Council (TAC) of the PNASF met to support particularly the finalization UPA Proceedings. Also took decision on Women Development and School Nutrition Project in order to plan and programme the activities of the field projects.
  • During the year 2004 on 20-03-2004 and 24-03-2004 the Chairman, PNASF held meetings with Technical Advisory Council (TAC) at PNASF, Bangalore and took decision on PNASF activities.


Dr. Sundari Velu (California), the TAC Member visited PNASF on November 8, 2010 and held discussion with Dr. Prem Nath, Dr. O.P. Dutta and Dr. K.R.M. Swamy regarding the progress and activities of the PNASF. During the ICH-2009, she assisted the Scientific Programme Committee in managing the Technical Sessions. She was pleased to make a contribution to the cause of PNASF activities, which is gratefully acknowledged. Dr. R.K.N. Singh (Toronto), the TAC Member visited PNASF on 8th December 2010 and held discussion with Dr. Prem Nath and other colleagues. He was briefed about the success of the ICH-2009 and was presented with the copy each of ICH-Souvenir and Abstract Book. Dr. Singh expressed his happiness and congratulated the conference team on the success of the conference. Dr. Usha R. Palaniswamy (New York), VEGINET focal Point (USA), visited PNASF and discussed activities of the VEGINET and PNASF. She took active participation in ICH-2009.


In preparation of the ICH-2009, several meetings were held, detailed discussion and important decisions were taken during 2009, before the actual conference was held. Among them, key and milestone meetings held were:

  • Organizing Committee meetings at PNASF and UAS, Bangalore
  • Advisory Committee Meetings
  • Meetings of the Scientific Programme Committee (SPC)
  • Meetings of the Working Group of the SPC
  • Meetings of the Logistics Committee at UAS, GKVK, Bangalore on March 4, May 4, September 9, October 16 and 28 and November 23
  • Meetings of Logistics Sub-Committee at PNASF, UAS, Bangalore
  • Meetings of the Souvenir Committee
  • Meetings of the Editorial Committee
  • Meetings of the Resource Mobilization Committee
  • Meeting of the PNASF Technical Advisory Council (TAC)
  • Electronic Meetings of the VEGINET Nomination Committee.

The ICH Organizing Committee is very appreciative of the valuable contribution, dedicated support and limitless time provided to the activities and resources of the conference by the august members of councils, committees, sub-committees and working groups of the ICH-2009.


The Nodal/Chairperson of each Technical Session was nominated one and half year in advance who conceptualized and developed the session by planning it with selection of relevant topics in line with the theme of the conference, selecting the lead titles and nominating the national and international lead speakers. The Chairperson formed their own team to evaluate all the papers submitted by the participants, chaired the sessions and prepared the proceedings and recommendations of each session with the assistance of the Rapporteurs and presented to the Plenary Session of the Conference.

These Nodal Persons served as the pivot to the planning and development of the technical programme of the conference, supported by the Scientific Programme Committee. The meeting of the Chairperson of the Technical Sessions (North Zone), was held on February 12, 2009 at the Indian International Centre Annex, New Delhi; and of Southern Zone was held on March 2, 2009, The ITC Hotel-The Windsor, Bangalore, where most of the members participated and supported by the Scientific Programme Committee.


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