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SEAVEG 2016 - The third in the pace setting series of symposia; SEAVEG, will focus on improved nutrition and livelihoods, ..
3rd All Africa Horticultural Congress (AAHC 3): Horticulture for Improved Livelihoods from 7-12 August 2016, at Ibadan, Nigeria. - We take pleasure in informing you that the 3RD ALL AFRICA HORTICULTURAL CONGRESS (AAHC 3) will take place from 7-12 August 2016,...
PNASF/SUN/WD-SHG/2005 - Promotion of Rural Women Self Help Group through Dairy Development Project..
SEAVEG 2014 - Families, farms, food - sustaining small-scale vegitable production and marketing systems for food and nutrition security
HIVEGSEA - 2012 - Regional Symposium of High Value Vegetables in Southeast Asia:Production, Supply and Demand, 24-26 January 2012, Pang Suan Keaw, Chiang Mai, Thailand..
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ICH - 2009 - The PNASF, VEGINET and UAS, Bangalore along with other National ans International....
UPA - 2005 - The FAO and PNASF organized the first international workshop on Urban and peri-urban....
BRC - 2004 - The new book entitled "Food Security and Vegetables - A Global Prespective"..