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The Basics of Human Civilization-Food, Agriculture and Humanity; Volume-II: Food

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1. Introduction - Dr. Prem Nath, India

2. Food Perception

2.1.  Three Vertices of Human Civilization Triangle: Food, Agriculture and Humanistic Ideology - Dr. S. Bisaliah, India

3. Food Commonly Known

3.1. Food as Understood - Dr. Prem Nath, India
3.2. Knowing Food for Human Health - Dr. K.G. Ahuja, USA
3.3. Unused Food, Underutilized Food and Handling Food-Enhancing Food Availability - Dr. Prem Nath, India
3.4. Street Food of the Common People-Worldwide - Dr. Prem Nath, India
3.5. Changes in National and International Food Patterns-Observations and Perspectives - Dr. Prem Nath, India

4. Food Sources

4.1. Cereal Grains and Pulses for Human Health - Dr. K.R.M. Swamy, India and Dr. K.G. Ahuja, USA
4.2. Vegetables for Human Nutrition and Health - Dr. K.R.M. Swamy, India; Dr. Prem Nath; India and Dr. K.G. Ahuja, USA
4.3. Fruits for Nutritional Security - Dr. C.P.A. Iyer and Dr. K.R.M. Swamy, India
4.4. Animal Source Foods for Human Health - Dr. B.S. V. Reddy and Dr. K.R.M. Swamy, India
4.5. Role of Fishes in Augmenting Human Health - Dr. K. Gopakumar, India
4.6. Herbs and Spices as Flavoring Foods - Dr. K.R.M. Swamy, India
4.7. Major Classes of Phytonutraceuticals in Vegetables and Health Benefits: A Review - Prof. João Carlos da Silva Dias, Portugal
4.8. Nutraceuticals in Organically Grown Fruits and Vegetables - Dr. B. S. Prabhakar and Dr. S. Shivshankar, India

5. Food and Health

5.1. Food: What, How Much and When to Eat for Better Human Health? - Mrs. Sana Thousia, India
5.2. Common Ailments, Food and Human Health – Dr. Mohammed Ilyas S.P., India
5.3. Changing Food Habits with Age and Health-Own Observations and Perceptions - Dr. Prem Nath, India

6. Food and Nutrition Policy

6.1. The Right to Food - Dr. Prem Nath, India
6.2. Changes in Food and Nutrition Policies-A Glance - Dr. Prem Nath, India
6.3. Indian Food Bill-Views and Prospects - Dr. Devinder Sharma, India
6.4. Strategic Changes in Approach to Combat Food and Nutrition Insecurity Among Urban and Rural Population - Dr. Subash Dasgupta and Dr. Indrajit Roy, Thailand
6.5. Importance of Food Safety in the Food Production and Supply Chain - Ms. Shashi Sareen, Thailand

7. Food and Nutrition Security Programmes-Regional and International

7.1. Contribution of Grain Legumes in Combating Food and Nutrition In-Security in Different Regions of the World - Dr. C.L. Laxmipathi Gowda, Dr. Aravind K. Jukanti and Dr. Pooran M. Gaur, India
7.2. Food Insecurity in Tribal Dominated Areas of Maharashtra, India - Dr. Nitin Tagade and Prof. R. S. Deshpande, India
7.3. Mitigating the Food And Nutritional Insecurity in East Africa: Development of the Community Based “Iringa Approach” by the Iringa Nutrition Programme (1983-1988) in Tanzania - Dr. Marashetty Seenappa, India
7.4. Impact of National and International Programs and Projects in Mitigating Food and Nutritional In-Security in Central Asia and Caucasus - Dr. Ravza Mavlynova, Uzbekistan

8. Challenges and Opportunities

8.1. Challenges and Opportunities in Food Sector – Dr. Prem Nath, India

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