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The Basics of Human Civilization-Food, Agriculture and Humanity; Volume-I: Present Scenario

1. Introduction 
- Dr. Prem Nath, India

2. Food and Nutrition

2. 1. The Right to Food - Dr. Prem Nath, India
2. 2. The Intersection of Religion and Horticulture - Prof. Jules Janick, USA
2. 3. Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition for Most Vulnerable People and Our New Generation - Dr. Hiroyuki Konuma, FAO, Thailand
2. 4. The Insufficient Calorie: How the Nutritional Quality of Food was Overlooked in the Drive to Eliminate Hunger - Dr. Jacqueline Dí A. Hughes, AVRDC, Taiwan
2. 5. Importance of Food Safety in the Food Production and Supply Chain - Ms. Shashi Sareen, FAO-RAP, Bangkok
2. 6. Enhancing Livelihoods in Central Asia and the Caucasus through Increased Production and Consumption of Nutritious Vegetables - Dr. Ravza Mavlyanova, Uzbekistan

3. Natural Resources and Food

3.1. Some Perceptions on Natural Resources - Dr. Prem Nath, India
3.2. Food Security and Climate Change Benefits from Sustainable Agriculture Intensification: Synergies and Trade-Offs - Dr. Giacomo Branca, Nancy McCarthy, Dr. Leslie Lipper, FAO, Rome
3.3. Agriculture and Environment in Dry Areas: The Double Sword of Science and Technology - Dr. Mahmoud Solh, ICARDA, Syria

4. Agriculture and Food Policy Changes

4.1. The Evolving Role of Agriculture in Mitigating Food and Nutrition Insecurity - Ms. Rajul Pandya-Lorch and Dr. Sivam Yosef, IFPRI, USA
4.2. Food Policy and Health- Mrs. L.G.S. Villavicencio, USA
4.3. Investment in Indian Farm Sector: Pathways and Policy Directions - Dr. S. Bisalaiah, India
4.4. Progressive Change in Land Reforms and Agriculture Policy - Prof. R. S. Deshpande and Mr. Nitin Tagade, India
4.5. Impact of Vegetable Breeding Industry and Intellectual Property Rights in Food Security - Prof. Joao K Silva Dias, Portugal
4.6. Messages from International Horticultural Conferences and Symposia in the New Millennium - Dr. K. R. M. Swamy and Dr. Prem Nath, India

5. Improving Agriculture

5.1. Augmenting Agriculture Higher-Education in India - Dr. Panjab Singh, India
5.2. Perspectives and Approaches in Agricultural Extension for Sustained Development - Dr. C. Prasad, India
5.3. Rural Bio-Resource Complex: A Holistic Approach to Improve Livelihood Security of Farmers - Dr. K. Narayana Gowda and Dr. K.C. Narayanaswamy, India
5.4. Improved Integrated Farming to Augment Food and Nutrition Security of Masses - Dr. Narayana G. Hegde, India
5.5. New Approaches by NGOs in Augmenting Rural Development - Dr. Arun Balamatti, India
5.6. New Approaches for Combating Viral Diseases of Crop Plants - Dr. Anupam Varma, Dr. Bikash Mandal, Dr. Anirban Roy and Dr. Manoj K. Singh, India
5.7. Seed Industry and its Future in India: A Retrospective Resonance - Dr. M. Mahadevappa, India
5.8. New Strategies and Approaches for Improving Vegetable Cultivars - Prof. Joao Carlos da Silva Dias, Portugal and Rodomiro Ortiz, Sweden
5.9. Technological Innovations in Cashewnut Production - Dr. K. R. M. Swamy, India
5.10. Improving Quality and Safety of Food From Field to Consumption Level-Indian Context - Dr. K.R. Anila kumar and Dr. K. Santhanam, India
5.11. Aquaculture: From Edge of Civilization to a Modern Food Production System - Dr. M.R. Raghunath, Dr. K. Hemaprasanth, and Dr. N. Sridhar, India
5.12. Making Small Farmers Sustainable in India - Dr. G. K. Veeresh, India

6. Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture

6.1. Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture - Dr. Prem Nath, India
6.2. Homestead Food Production Contributes To Household Food and Nutrition Security, Improved Livelihood, Womenís Empowerment, and Decreased Anemia among Young Children and Women in Cambodia and Asia - Dr. Aminuzzaman Talukder, Dr. D. Phillips, Dr. H. Kroeun, Dr. L. Sok Hoing, Dr. A. Uddin, Dr. D. Reario, Dr. N.J. Haselow, and Dr. A.K. Osei, Cambodia
6.3. Providing Nutritional Security through Fruits-Indian Context - Dr. C. P. A. Iyer and Dr. Y.T.N. Reddy, India
6.4. Relevance of Nutrition Garden in the Context of Nutritional Security - Dr. P. Indira and Prof. K. V. Peter, India
6.5. Feeding Cities Through Urban and Peri-Urban Aquaculture - Dr. Dilip Kumar, and Dr. S. Munil kumar, India

7. Challenges and Opportunities

7.1. Challenges and Opportunities in Food, Agriculture and Humanity - Dr. Prem Nath, India
   7.1.1. Challenges and Opportunities-Food and Nutrition
   7.1.2. Challenges and Opportunities- Food Crisis
   7.1.3. Challenges and Opportunities-Poverty
   7.1.4. Challenges and Opportunities- Health
   7.1.5. Challenges and Opportunities-Environment and Natural Resources
   7.1.6. Challenges and Opportunities-Agriculture and Horticulture

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