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PNASF is a Charitable Trust registered with the Government of Karnataka, India during December 1999 and was activated in June 2000. It is established to assist and encourage Indian agricultural scientists to address India’s agricultural problems and at the same time use their skills for the benefit of developing countries. It facilitates interaction of knowledge and ideas among leading professionals in agriculture, development and planning, on issues of national and international importance related to agriculture and food.

The technical activities of the PNASF is implemented and monitored by a TECHNICAL ADVISORY COUNCIL guided by SENIOR SCIENTIFIC COUNCILLORS as advisors.


Helping Agriculture
Despite the changing economic kaleidoscope and the transformation of agriculture into a dynamic production sector in the last half century, the numbers of the poor, the landless and the hungry continue to increase in Third World countries. Given the likelihood of further increases in population, if all are to be fed, agricultural output must be tripled over the next half century and people must have incomes to purchase food. Erosion of the resource base has to be stemmed and then reversed.

His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Thailand granting Audience Receiving Insignia from the HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, Thailand From L to R- Dr. Manmohan Attavar, Bengaluru, HSH Prince Bhisatej Rajani, Thailand, Mrs. M.R. Datchari Rajani and Dr. Prem Nath

Although sustainable agriculture and food security are considered vital aspects of human security, farm productivity is held back in many developing countries, whose competitiveness in the world market is undermined and whose prosperity is impeded because agricultural research and extension services are not receiving the adequate national and international support they need.

Recognizing the importance of the above, PNASF strives to support and complement country efforts to meet the agricultural needs of the growing population.

For PNASF, the term ‘agriculture’ includes production and management of all crops (cereals, legumes, vegetables, fruits, flowers, industrial crops) and of small livestock. The priority programme areas are germplasm resources, genetics and breeding, agro-techniques, pre- and post-harvest technology, marketing, etc. geared towards people-centered sustainable agriculture in which farmers and the rural poor are the primary foci. It also includes food and nutrition security, and women-in-agriculture and environmental issues.

How to participate in the PNASF programme?

PNASF welcomes proposals for assistance through small funds in agriculture. Proposals may come from individuals or institutions or agricultural science societies and cover topics ranking high among priorities of national importance. They must be endorsed by the Head of the Institutions before they can be considered by the Board of Trustees.

In order to contribute to the PNASF and avail of its facilities, the registration form needs to be completed.

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